The Albion Grill

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Serving fantastic homemade food at great prices

The Albion Grill is located in gorgeous Alta, Utah. We are presently in our twenty-first season of operation and we like to think that the quality of our product keeps improving. The Albion Grill is owned and operated by Tim Evenden who has been at the helm since the beginning. Tim has invested alot of time developing and perfecting his recipes.

The Albion Grill is open from November through April, seven days a week from 8:00am-5:00pm.

Our guests frequently rave about the homemade soups, the special daily hot wraps, the unbelievable fresh from the oven, homemade cookies, muffins, brownies and raspberry bars. And most recently Tim has developed his amazing granola recipe - not too sweet and not alot of oils, it has become the only way for many to start their day.

The Grill also offers stunning views of the mountains. Please join us for great food and great prices in a most spectacular setting!!

If you wish to purchase without a doubt the best granola it is available by the pound. Shipping is not included in the price.

Without a Doubt Granola can be purchased at the Albion Grill or by calling 801-860-7507 or 801-742-2500.  You can also place your order by emailing (please include contact information so we can contact you for your payment information). Thank you!  Without a Doubt Granola is $8.00/lb.   Shipping costs extra.   Thank you for visiting The Albion Grill online we hope you can join us for some fabulous homemade food soon!